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Gabriola Passage:    

Gabriola Passage will soon be BC's next marine life sanctuary. Approximately 120 metres wide at its narrowest point with an average maximum depth of 30 metres, its tidal currents can run up to 8 knots.  As a result, diving is limited to intervals of slack water. Gabriola Passage is an area of incredibly diverse marine life and colourful rocky ledges.  Inhabitants include Rock Scallops, Kelp Greenlings, Lingcod, Tiger Rockfish, Cabezons, many species of anemones, Urchins, Giant Barnacles (good buoyancy is a must) and Giant Pacific Octopus.  Along the shoreline a family of River Otters have been seen during the day.

Breakwater Island:    

 A rocky bench slowly drops down to 18 metres and then a vertical face descends to 26 metres where, at the bottom, reside three friendly Wolf Eels. Divers come from all over southern BC to photograph and play with these denizens of the deep.  In the shallow Bull Kelp bed reside clusters of cemented tubeworms and shallow water fishes including Sea Perch and clouds of Shiner Surf Perch.

Saturnina Island:    

A 26-metre wall drops abruptly from the shallows. The face is covered with Chrinoids, Ochre Sea Stars, Mottle Stars, Leather Stars, Sunflower Stars and dozens of other echinodermata.  Nudibranchs & Tubeworms also abound.  Frequently we have seen Giant Pacific Octopus and Harbour Seals.

Carlos Island:    

Here the bottom stair steps down from 6 metres to 28 metres in a series of wide terraces before divers encounter a sheer vertical face that drops to over 75 metres.  On the ledges Sea Pens, Rockfish, Lingcod, round Orange Sponges and Chimney Sponges inhabit the numerous crevices.  Also sighted are Giant Pacific Octopus, Wolf Eels, Spiny Dogfish Shark and Ratfish.  Deeper on the wall large, dramatic Cloud Sponges reign.  This site is a favourite due to its amazing biodiversity, excellent visibility and gentle currents.

Rogers Reef:    

A small mid-channel reef which can only be dived at slack water.  The south face is a series of rocky outcroppings that form mini-walls with undercuts and crevices down to 20 metres.  A popular site due to the many Wolf Eels and Giant Pacific Octopus that roam about.


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